Guillermo Mason

Guillermo Mason was born in Tijuana in northern Mexico in the year 1965. He grew up near the city where he was excited to understand abstract art and geometry.
Throughout his life, Guillermo has always been fascinated by the natural colors where he represents his dreams creating great emotion to his sense of humor, thus capturing each color on each canvas, he was also attracted in technical drawing to obtain the geometry and feel every detail to achieve something new, developed a lot when he decided to study artistic drawing, design, photography, visual arts to complete his career.
Guillermo concentrated more on his practice as a plastic artist, with themes developed in the abstract since he delivered every moment of his life to obtain each presentation at school and practice at every moment he presented himself.
Thus achieving new ideas to follow the connection of each painting with fascinating changes in its path forming a path that would lead to success in so few years.
Guillermo studied to become the most appropriate person to have new ideas to art to help those who need it for their studies and present themselves in every practice that is required.
Guillermo exhibits works from 1994 to 2021 and is recognized in San Diego and Tijuana for having more than twenty individual exhibitions among others each year presenting something new to move forward, in addition to teaching and presenting outstanding works.
He continues his career without having obstacles to life, where he represents his feelings of reality, has participated in photography and art competitions, presents exhibitions according to his abstract theme with colors full of emotion.
Guillermo lives in San Diego and has also concentrated on his studio / gallery in Tijuana B.C. attracting new artists, exhibitors, promotions and art classes.


Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is an artistic style where it has emerged for decades whose multiple consequences have made it a more significant manifestation of the spirit of the years. Abstract art stops considering the need for figurative representation justified and tends to replace it with an autonomous visual language, endowed with its own meanings.

It is represented as a language elaborated from the experience made known where they exalt the force of color and where abstraction ends, also giving rise to different geometric and constructive abstractions.

Expressionism becomes a deformation of reality to express the most subjective way where feelings, emotions, dreams and reality are shown.

Colors and themes are the tool to strengthen each work where the techniques are also based.

Blue Shadows “Blue Shadows”

An inspiration based on the artist's dreams where he finds each shadow under the darkness where each moment of the abyss of the mind deepens.

For each person I hope that you will find your adored dream where it represents a second life in each dream, presenting a reality full of splendor to life.

Each style is not chosen, it simply leaves our minds to adore each color that is full of value where it represents a virtue to natural life.

Technique: Abstract, Oil Painting, Size: 18" x 24" x 0.50"