Art has always been the line connecting the dots of my life.
It really is home."
ALXSw, 2014, 2015

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bendmodern, Bend, OR, US


Fine Art America

Kallicut International 2013-3rd Place (6 awards given):

ARTworksMagazine 2010: artwork& profile featured:

2014 --7th Annual Master’s Cup, International Color Awards?

Zen Calligraphy:

BWspiderAwards (Honorable Mention in Architectural and Abstract categories)

2009 --Biennale de’l Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italy: one of 21 President’s Award's given to 800+ participants

2009 Carmel Art and Film Festival: People’s Choice Award

s t a t e m e n t

Frankly, I don't think of myself as a regional artist, maybe "north american' or "eARThling".

I'm mostly interested in an abstract vision, in my painting and my photography. Sometimes I do paint an allegorical/iconic abstract, which are like visual journal entries. Although I photograph real people-places-beings also, my personal favorites are abstractions.

I prefer working large format paintings and photo-prints.
If I'm painting big, I use multiple panels for logistical ease.

In photography, I prefer huge vinyl prints with grommets for hanging, and are now available with fine detailed printing. This format requires no frame and is industrial and clean.

ALXSw is a registered tradename established 1995.


Works and Plays

I've listed a number of url's providing different images of various themes and series. Here is a sampling. Some are in situ, Remember meeting a live painting is always more exciting than a flat jpg made of zeros and ones. Thanks for visiting my work ... in any form.

blueCanoe “blueCanoe”

30 x 60", oil and oil pastel on gallery wrapped ceconite

detail of blueCanoe “detail of blueCanoe”

some brush work and...the canoe.

satori4_revisited “satori4_revisited”

Part of the Satori series, #4 was revisited in 2013 with the addition of the blue shape. Voila.
30 x 60 ", oil and oil pastel on gallery wrapped ceconite.

martyrs & angels “martyrs & angels”

a political work. 18 x 24", oil/oil pastel, gallery wrapped canvas.
(not all art is comfortable, as it mirrors life)

Fireplumes “Fireplumes”


40 x 40 inches
oil on canvas


 Early Spring Planting “ Early Spring Planting”

20 x 24
oil on canvas

Many False Prophets “Many False Prophets”

20 x 24 "
oil on canvas

Orchard in Snow “Orchard in Snow”

30 x 32"
Oil on silk
Prints available on Fine Art America

Not The Pyramids “Not The Pyramids”

12 x 30"
Oil on ceconite