Claudia Habringer

Claudia Habringer

Location: Austria

Claudia Habringer presents her new approach to visual art. She calls it Art Of Resonance. Her striking lines and light colors are showing her perceptions. In resonance with a targeted energy field her artworks seem to evolve themselves. As a trained actress, creativity trainer and energetic coach she has found her new destination. Drawing perception. She has never followed a certain art form but aimed to surrender to the flow. She draws on coated fabric canvas and canvas board by following her intuition.


Claudia Habringer | in resonance

My artworks are about the invisible. I draw what I sense when connected to a subject.

Jazz “Jazz”

Jazz Music is all about life, the ups and downs, pain and joy. A network of chords connected to the soul.

in resonance with the music of LUDOVICO EINAUDI “in resonance with the music of LUDOVICO EINAUDI”

Ludovico EinaudiĀ“s music makes me see inner movies.So I dedicate this artwork to his music.

in resonance with the sun “in resonance with the sun”

Warm and bright it is out daily light. The sun brings all this warmth into your home.

in resonance with Sage “in resonance with Sage”

Sage to me has a very celestial and stable nature. And this is what I sensed.

 the spirit of PRINCE “ the spirit of PRINCE”

In resonance with the great musician PRINCE and his works.