Location: Hungary

My name is Szilárd Szilágyi. I am a self-made Hungarian artist. I am member of the Assosiciation of the Hungarian Artists since 1985. Since my name was misprinted on a poster in Germany I have used Silaro as an artist-name. I was born in Siklós on June 13, 1959. My parents are both teachers. My mother later trained to be a psychologist. I attended schools in Pécs, Hungary where I also spent my university years. I was awarded a degree in law in 1983. It was during my university years that I began to take a serious interest in art. My first attempt were supported by Ferenc Lantos and Tihamér Gyarmathy. In my earlier period I produced works that was thematic in character. Later my works are the images of the inner memory. They create themselves through me. I had several exhibitions in Pécs, and Budapest, Hungary. I also had the chance to show my paintings in McCann - Ericson Gallery and in Gallery Arietta, Frankfurt-am Main, Germany, in Ader Tajan Auction House, Paris, France and in Malmö, Sweeden.

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My Artavita portfolio.

Self-portrait “Self-portrait”

Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm, 2016, 3500$

Wise “Wise”

Oil on wrapping paper, 100x75 cm, 2019, 4800$

Nude “Nude”

Oil on wrapping paper, 70x100 cm, 2019, 4800$

Burnt by the Sun “Burnt by the Sun”

Oil on canvas, 95x80 cm, 2015, 3000$

The big catch III “The big catch III”

Oil on canvas, 87x110 cm, 2017, 5000$