Waleed R. Qaisi

Waleed R. Qaisi

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I was born and raised in Baghdad 1963, started my art path as a fan of art at youth art centers in 1980. Then I pursued my art education and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. I presented my art vision to the art scene in Iraq through group and solo exhibitions and earned many awards 1983-1993.
My Work are influenced by the theme of destruction which is reflections of the war that I had to serve and to witness for six years in Iraq, and then I escaped to Jordan in 1992 and worked in the industrial field to establish ceramics factories for art and functional works and held solo exhibitions in 1996 and 1999 in Amman, also I taught art at secondary school and at Orfally gallery.
In 2001 I moved to Qatar to instruct and to teach art at art center.
I have participated in many international group exhibitions in USA, Germany, Spain, France, China, Australia, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, San Dominican, Qatar, UAE, England and solo exhibitions in Qatar, London (2001-2010).
Also I have completed projects during art residencies in Denmark in titled (my journey), Japan (Beauty and magic), Italy (what do you see through windows?) and in Spain (figures).
My art collections are in museums and private collections in Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, China, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Spain Qatar, Croatia, Belgium, USA-TX, London, San Dominican, Nicaragua and Germany.

contact info:
00974 55368101


Grey color

My work is abstract , mix media on canvas , 110 x 110 cm

White square “White square”

My work is abstract. Mix media on canvas. 100 X 120 cm

+ 3 “+ 3”

My work is abstract. Mix media on canvas. 100 x 120 cm