Martin Dingli

Martin Dingli

Location: Australia

The Work
As a fully self-taught artist, Martin Dingli breaks all the rules - or more correctly, makes up his own, having never been schooled to formal techniques and formulae. My art can be found here.

In the digital world in which he operates, Dingli has developed a range of visual styles, textures and techniques which baffle fellow digital artists. Some images appear to be brush painted in oils, others shimmer with the depth and clarity of stained glass.
Dingli is an omnivorous observer of the world with a particular eye for forensic detail. He is inspired by minutiae, fragmentary snippets of detail which he captures via digital camera and then manipulates or magnifies almost beyond recognition in his large scale works. A tiny segment of a bird’s feather may become a digital brush which creates the eyelashes of a masked woman.
Dingli grazes widely across genres, covering a range which can only be described as eclectic - journeying through land and culture scapes, abstract designs, figures and futuristic fantasies. A significant portion of his work, however, is drawn from the historic architecture and culture of Malta, and the vast natural wonder of his adopted homeland of Australia.
What distinguishes Dingli’s work is that which is hidden. Each work may be viewed as it first appears - a face, a forest, a figure - but closer inspection rewards the viewer with multiple layers of secret meaning revealed in images and symbols deeply embedded in layer up on layer of digital brushing.
“Those who look at my work should expect the unexpected,” says Dingli. “You need to see beyond the surface story to what lies beneath.”


Digital Art Creations

Art For Interior Designers
From brief given to completed art work 5 weeks.You can now commission artwork exactly how you want it.Time stated does not include delivery.
Art on dibond
Hotel Fit outs – reception, lobby, rooms, function rooms, offices, Show rooms

I offer a Leasing program.A selection of original works of art in virtually every style, size and medium. When you’re filling empty walls, replacing or reframing outdated artwork , looking at rentals to conserve cash, remodelling, re-framing or expanding, call me or email:

Interior design Series “Interior design Series”

hanging in wine bar.
Printed on dibond
for sale @ 30% discounted

Touched by fire “Touched by fire”

Choose size and material to be printed on.
Interior designers collection

Muse series “Muse series”

Digital art
Part of interior collection series.
Brief given & created for interior designers NYC

"Touching light series"I found it. “"Touching light series"I found it.”

Digital manipulation
Part of Interior designers collection

I spy “I spy”

Digital art
Part of an exhibition NYC

Mask Series "Emerald eyes" “Mask Series "Emerald eyes"”

Digital art
Printed on dibond 1.2 x1.2 m sq

gibson or woman “gibson or woman”

Digital manipulation from Photograph taken with Nikon