Alessandro Vergari

alessandro vergari

Location: Italy

Photographer and traveler, my main job is as a hiking guide, taking people walking all over the world. But many years ago I started to create a particular path in an abandoned forest, now filling it with installations made of wood and recycled materials. This path was accompanied by the manufacture of totems, or rather Ri-totems, also essentially made of wood and other natural or recycled materials. The path in the woods is open to everyone.



Spadellino. Little Pan “Spadellino. Little Pan”

Spadellino is a Ritotem, a character born from a union of wood with other natural elements, such as stones and plants, or by reusing scraps or scraps of human workmanship, giving a personality to inanimate objects.

In particular, Spadellino is the god of little bullshit. When you have broken the precious glass of your wife's vintage set or scratched your husband's new SUV in the garage, make an expression like Spadellino and say; "it's not my fault!" and every bullshit will be forgiven you.