Natasha Stanton

The inspiration of Natasha Stanton’s work comes from her connection to the nature and energy of the surroundings where she lives. She draws not only from the experiences living in a small community of Sierra Hot Springs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but also from the ancient spirit of the land. The two major depictions in her work are animals and shamans. The animals serve as a link to spirit guide totems, and the shaman’s relate to spiritual guardians.The wood dictates what the finished product becomes. Natasha sees an outline from the grain and knots, then allows the piece of wood to become what it becomes. The main source of the wood she uses comes from the discards of building projects. She brings these pieces home and brings them back to life.
Natasha began the art exploration as a child while growing up in Nashville, Tn. She moved to West Hollywood Ca on a whim while attending MTSU and never looked back. She has attended many classes and many schools while living in California.


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