Miya Ozaki

Miya Ozaki

Location: Japan

Miya Ozaki is a Japanese Abstract calligraphy artist, mainly work in Florence,Italy.

From the concept of eight negations, and the empty ("Mulamadhyamakakarika", Nagarjuna, The Philosophy of the Middle Way) An abstract representation of the empty that I could capture.
At the beginning of the work, I drip “Japanese ink” without hesitation, follow the movement , and then, keep the representations born from the overlapping illusions.The "meditation medium" is "water". I am aiming for a work that is guided by the "Creator of Nature".

Now that we are facing the future after a pandemic, I hope my work has been adopted as the background for movies and TV dramas, etc., and that many people have the opportunity to share it. (September 21, 2020)

Among the many shows, Received important awards in Italy
2020/2018/2011 Inaugurazione della mostra delle opere selezionate al Premio Firenze, Palazzo Bastogi,
2018/2015/2008 Firenze-Europa "Mario Conti ", Palazzo Vecchio,
2009 Premio Firenze Mostra in Palazzo Panciatichi,
2007 Sala espositiva, The Governor's Palace, Palazzo della Loggia - Sala espositiva’E.Lancerotto'-Noale.


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