This contest has ended and is currently being judged!

Winner of the 8th Contest


“Nude with flute”  - Artist Oleg Sergeev 


“Under the Shadow of Mortality”  - Artist Art Venti 


"Grace"  - Artist John Wolter  


“Gnarled Wave”  - Artist Tony Hertz


“Underdog”  - Artist Sebastian Magnani


 “Look Inside”  - Artist Roderick Lloyd


“Centralized Division” by emanuela harris-sintamarian
“Hermosa Andalusia” by Betsy Frahm

“Sudden Exit” by Stanley, Richard

“Banditas” by durga Garcia

“Sparse” by Hengki Koentjoro

“Dreams #1” by Roger Reutimann

“Warthog (the magnificent)” by Zaimont

“Looking at You” by William T. Rohe

“The Fates” by Daniel Wagner

“Acqua 5” by Paolo Terdich

“Psychiatric Clinic” by Benedetti Marco

“Flight Risk” by Dale O'Dell

“Samadchi” by Evgeny Guselnikov

“wishfulness” by Mischca Puter

“colazione” by Paolo Terdich

“Times Square Window Reflection” by eldred boze

“The Dance of Life (C) Eliora Bousquet” by Eliora BOUSQUET

“Il Pittore - mixed media with fragments of leaves and

petals dry and treated” by Marina Coruzzi

“AllisonFay_C_3-18-13--07AB” by Dan McCormack

“Song of a broken Doll” by Ulla Wobst

“plans” by Jean Alexander Frater

“The Angel of Roses” by Israel Tsvaygenbaum

“Tango Flamenco” by Anahit Aruchyan

'Eden Road' By Barbara Clark

“The golden Labyrinth” by Simona Petrauskaite

“As Wind in Dry Grass” by Craig Robb

“La Danse des éléments” by Eric Cardoso

“Switzerland Waterstorm” by Leo Gesess

“Projected Image” by Dick Nosbisch

“Marquessa” by Denise Jones Adler


“" Bahia "” by Jane Fidalgo

“A.Yanushkevich,series'Composition'24x20oil on canas2010” by Alexander Yanushkevich

“The Memories from Morrisburg” by Joseph Coban

“Drum, New York City” by Matthew Bender

“Ieva” by Minas Halaj

“ALCHEMIST” by Rosae Novichenko

“Blue Rose 2” by Sinikka Elfving

“Equine Examination” by Susan Obermeyer Strauss

“Sylvania” by Philippe Mazaud

“Home Sweet Home” by Nozieres

“Circle” by Miho Iwahashi

'Bijou' By  Ingrid Stiehler 

“poppies” by Brigitte Thonhauser-Merk

“holy barça” by messelier vincent

“LandSchme” by Paulina Campos

“Sugarbaker” by Sabine Blodorn


“001 HOMO LUDENS proba III” by eva gyorffy

“Embrace” by Jack Jasper

“Time of kings” by Sergey Roy

“I'm On Fire Burning With Desire” by Claudette Losier

“Betty Boop and Me” by Sheila Fein

“Conduction” by Tomoya Matsuura

“Carmen” by Päivyt Niemeläinen

"Galaxy" WEBER François

“Behind Every Successful  Man Stands a Strong Woman” by Petronella van den Berg

“Outside ” by Kathleen McIntyre

“Water” by don Almquist

“Vermont Winter” by Don Reed

“Reflection” by Verena Brassel

“Payne Gin and Mercantile” by Catherine Boley

“Blue” by Christine Allan

“"Captain"” by Jim May

“Erotic Mosaic ” by JOHannaS

“Summerlight” by Will Kellermann

“'Modern War'” by BAHAR OSKAY

“Letting Go” by Leanne Bouwer

 “Mechanical people” by Tamara Agapova

“White Shadow” by Elinore Bucholtz

“Full Moon” by Linda Mason

“Enchanted Space II, 40"x70"” by Eliane Saheurs

“Baseball Nostalgia” by Randall Vemer

“Passion in the hell - madness” by luca cappai

“Mr. Blue” by Paul-Jürgen Weber

“Show Dog” by Morton Lancaster, Jr.

“High Plains” by GR Martin

“Cross my Heart” by Jenti Salminen

“Regatta” by Evgeny Guselnikov

“Nude 6” by Andre Barnett

“Full Spectrum” by Marlene Siff

“Self” by Valerii Klymchuk

“Going home” by Chrys Roboras

“Midnight Causeway” by Toni Whiteside

“Montfaucon” by Barry R Forman

“"Utopia"” by Lorenzo Mini

“Humanity” by Marlene Siff

“Maybe next time” by Heitler Christine

“Yellow Coneflower: Aura Rendition” by Robert Perriam

“Flight” by Tricia Skoglund

“Unborn twin” by Joyce Thornburg

“Wild Reindeers” by Heinz Effner

“Crossing People” by Friedhard Meyer

“Horse” by Cheryl Petersen

“Untitled 20” by Youngsook Chung Zhang

“EXOD” by bob Dornberg

“Momente” by HD Ilge

“?stanbul Dervishes” by Chermine Vidori

“Europa” by Soraya Heuer

“Tout bien réfléchi” by Chantal Julien

“Untitled 17” by Youngsook Chung Zhang

“Ressonance” by Donn Angel Perez Lopez

“Distortion” by Joyce Thornburg

“GAL.AC39.2013” by Gómaga

“summer afternoons” by Cecilia Fernandez de Arrospide

“REd Lines Open” by Larain Matheson

“The Snake Sisters of 1910 ” by Daryl Albertson EcoArtist

“Eva-naissance d'Adam” by Bonnet Myriam

“Hieroglyph-Eternity” by Dong Soo Park

“Michael” by Segay

“In Between” by Claudia Blaesi

“I am born Free” by angelo martinelli

“Bridge Series #14 [George Washington Bridge]” by Barbara Burger

“Triologie” by Carmen Rantzuch-doll

“Balance” by Anneli Di Francis

 "Violeted Pureness" Marinella Canonico

“Spiegelbild” by Carmen Kroese

“Light within” by Sandra Roduit

“Shadow's Mask” by Kate Zari Roberts

“Hawaii by Joachim GERSCHLER” by Joachim GERSCHLER

“Blooming Fragrance 3” by You, sung-suk

““Dei-cide (Autodafè)” oil on prepared canvas -by Alessandro Bulgarini

“Afternoon Light” by David

“The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Janice

“PURE Proud young mothers” by Melanie Rijkers

“Liberty Blvd series # 1 ” by Sona

“Sans trop réfléchir” by Quenneville Raymond

“Chores” by Gabriele Maurus

“The Crowd” by florence de Bretagne

“Sunset” by Alfred Postmann

“Pas de DEUX” by Hélène DeSerres

“On the go” by Anna-Kajsa Alaoui

“Star Gates” by Erdal Bolukbasi

“Emoticons making new friends” by Violette Cici

“Cottage Landscape” by Ron Kendall

“Singing Birds” by Astrid Jacobs

“Mardi Gras” by Red

“Growth & Protection” by Louise Jane Wannier

“Il Sogno di una Bella Principessa,” by Kerry Milligan

“Sushumna The Sacred Channel” by Svargo F. Schuller

“Alex and Tamara” by Victoria Richings

“"Tick, Tick, Tick"” by Stephen Hall


“Gesture 10” by JOE GITTERMAN

“CLINT EASTWOOD” by Dick Bobnick

“Lost” by Chris Craymer

“LA 1st Street Train Station” by Randy Sprout

“Goldfish” by Inna

“Brooklyn Bridge New York ” by JUCHUL KIM

“Letters From Home” by Jana Cruder

“Sogno” by javier bohorquez

“Muse” by javier bohorquez

“OPEN THE DOOR ALICE ” by Kristina Zallinger

“image 4” by L'HARMEROULT

“Madre Terra, 100cm Diametre” by Consolata Radicati di Primeglio

“Dream State” by Diana Whiley

“Nothing but paint” by Leticia Galizzi

“Childhood” by Yoo Choong Yeul

“Dahlia” by Isabelle Pardew

“C.U.T. (chrome unique thread) ABAR5785” by andrea

“Abstract...contemplating ” by Michela Mirici Cappa

“Happy Messenger XII” by Young Ae Yi

“Tea Time” by Claudia Gill


About the World Wide Art Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
Date: October 16-19, 2014

World Wide Art Los Angeles will be held at the Los Angeles Convention, right in the heart of downtown LA, at the beginning of next year's international art fair season. There will be over 400 exhibitors - a mixture of art galleries and solo artists - and tens of thousands of visitors will attend. For more information, please visit the show's website.


Jury Panel

Despina Tunberg
Co-Director - World Wide Art Los Angeles 
Curator - World Wide Art Books, Inc.

Thomas Tunberg
Co-Director - World Wide Art Los Angeles
Editor - World Wide Art Books, Inc.

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Curator - World Wide Art Los Angeles
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