Rochelle Rosenberg

Rochelle Rosenberg

Location: Sweden

Born in the northern city of Baguio in the Philippines in 1986. The oldest of four siblings. Lives in Huskvarna with her family. She have two children who are in their teens. Has a self-taught learning in art since childhood. She sketched a lot since childhood since she is noy liked by many children of her age. She sketched using charcoal due to poverty and used crayons to color her creations. Her interests are Art, Photography and Music.

In 2010 she studied the foundations of Art through an Online American School for self-learning started spending more hours in painting earnest in 2013.

She came to Sweden in 2007 and there began her journey. Due to her child abuse and sexual abuse background her paintings had depicted her personality and perspective in life.
Through traumatic events and violence from childhood and adolescence, Rochelle found it difficult to relax her thoughts and emotions where she spent her time painting several hours a day. Diagnosed with PTSD due to traumatic events,
she found herself in different dimensions when she express her emotions on the canvas
Her paintings are inspired by her beliefs and experiences.

Her influences are Philippine painter Fernando Amorsolo 1892-1972, Juan Luna 1857-1899, American Georgia O'keeffe and Claude Monet.

Her art is painted in various techniques such as Acrylic, Watercolor and Digital Paintings. In 2019, she received her first exhibition in Karista Galleri Jönköping and the same year, one of the paintings was selected in Swedish Cultural Newspaper via the then "Better Art", which is now called ArtPortable. She had been working freelance artist and photographer besides her job as dementia nurse assistant in elderly homes. She records her process of paintings on her youtube channel Rochelle Rosenberg where she shares her ways of painting. On her sidelines, she works as a photographer and are creative in portraiture.

2021- she has registered herself as ab entrepreneur to sell her art.

Phone: 076 934 6170


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