Location: Indonesia

We are event organizer specializing in art exhibition. We are also art dealer for paintings and sculptures. We maintain good relation with various artists of various style


akmal jaya

Akmal Jaya was born in June 1966 at Rengat, Riau. He went to art school in Padang before he went to ISI (Institut Seni Rupa Indonesia) in Yogyakarta, majoring in the art of statue.
His ability to paint is acquired from his time at ISI. His Major in the Art of Statue also enhance his ability to understand proportion, anatomy, shape precision as well as expression.
Since his earliest work, Akmal Jaya chose to use variety of stones as a media for his art. His past experience with stones includes granite, marble, obsidian and a fossilized timber.
One of Akmal Jaya's biggest influence for his art and life principle is the culture, values, as well as the daily life of locals in Yogyakarta.

kasih ibu “kasih ibu”

The love of a mother can conquer everything. The heart of those who give birth to us are pure, unbound by time nor space. The love they offer is priceless and irreplaceable. They always give without expecting a return for on hope that their children will find happiness

hope “hope”

To Fight for your hope in life. We are all aware that there is no boundary when it comes to human’s ability to have the highest dream and to be hopeful for the best possible outcome in the future.