Emel Çevikcan

emel çevikcan

Location: Turkey

1981 - Started to the Faculty of Applied Fine Arts in Istanbul.
1982 - 3rd Contemporary Artists Open Air Exhibition - Painting and Sculpture Museum - ISTANBUL
1983 - First place in the contest organized by the Bosphorus Lionness Club, which is the subject of Bosphorus. Prof. Erol ETI, Prof. Hüsamettin KOÇAN, Prof. Mustafa PLEVNELI and Prof. Different painting and wall decoration works with Ergin İNAN.
1984 - Graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Academy Painting Department.
1985 - Prof. Erol ETİ and TAKSİM (MAKSEM) restoration work.
1987 - TURGUT PURA VAKFI Painting and Sculpture Museum - Group Painting Exhibition held in IZMIR.
1987 - Realized stained glass works in Istanbul Sultanahmet Prime Ministry Special Administration Building.
1992 - Turkish Women's Association - Chamber of Commerce - İZMİR Group Painting Exhibition.
1998 - Solo Exhibition at Vakıfbank Art Gallery - İZMİR.
1999 - Denizli Art Lovers Association Personal Exhibition - DENİZLİ.
1999 - Personal Exhibition at Special Administration Building - BARTIN.
1999 - Bartın Municipality Group Painting Exhibition - BARTIN.
2001 - Personal Exhibition in the House of Culture - ODEMİS.
2004 - Exhibition of Mixed Teachers in Culture House - ODEMİS.
2005 - 8 March International Women's Day Group Painting Exhibition, House of Culture, ÖDEMİŞ.
2005 - BALCOVA - Personal Exhibition at KIPA.
2008 - TIRE Municipality Station Art Gallery İZMİR Group Painting Exhibition with the Members of the Watercolor Experts Association TIRE - İZMİR.
2008 - Group Painting Exhibition at FOCA Municipality Art Gallery with the members of İZMİR Watercolor Experts Association FOCA - İZMİR.
2014-Konak Municipality Women's Museum
Emel Çevikcan - Painter (Applied Fine Arts)
2016-Mixed Print Exhibition Değirmenaltı Culture Art Center Ceşme-İzmir
2016- 15th October Passage Park Yaşam Ataşehır Bostanlı-İZMİR
2017-16 October, mixed exhibition painting and sculpture museum.
2018-World Art Day exhibition fair, painting and sculpture museum.
2019-Yelki art festival, group exhibition in Izmir.
2020-Honorable Mention Award in Suluboya painting contest with the theme of the spirit of September 9 by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
2020-Istanbul Luna Art Gallery group exhibition.
2021-Istanbul Marti art gallery group exhibition.
2021-Capgalery online International group exhibition.
2021-2021-Timya_art_online Art Gallery International World Art Day online painting exhibition.
2021-Our 23rd April online painting exhibition organized by USART with the participation of international artists.
2021-On line Sumi-e Contest Tusunami April 2021 Atelier Margot participation of international.
Attending an online exhibition on the 2021-India May
2021-MARKİ Art gallery group painting exhibition-ISTANBUL
From the event I attended with my 4 pictures for Mumbai Mangrove forests in India. spotlightartcollective.com website.
2021-Bulgarian Municipality Art Gallery Turkish painters from Mestanlı group exhibition.
2021-@ecoawareartgallery Participation in the international online exhibition PICK UP THE LEAF organized by Eco Aware Art Gallery in India for 2021.
My work 2021- (Pandemic Heroes) was ranked 6th in the Portrait People category at the 2021 American Art Awards, which included 2,000 participants from 64 countries and was evaluated by the audience of 25 different museums and galleries.
2021-IAVPOA International visual show, other arts association Team, 1st International Environmental Biennial event "Compatibility Issues", first prize.
The artist expresses his love and passion for nature in his works with the language of painting.
2022- 3rd International Watercolor Bianeli "Cries of Injustice"*A Migration Story*, organized by IOVPOA Art in Lithuania, won the 1st prize.
She is currently a member of the association IWS Watercolors' Turkey.
The artist is still working in İZMİR as an art teacher at the Ministry of National Education and continues to work in İZMİR.
My instegram page: #emelcevikcanpaintart
My website https://lenixart.com/profile/emelçevikcan


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