Dwpsne Artists

DWPSNE Artists

Location: India

We are budding artists from Delhi World Public School Noida Extension. We bloomed during the lockdown period due to Covid 19 and discovered ourselves!


Paint with us!

Close your eyes and step in a new world covered in paint and water droplets ~^_^~

The Inner You! “The Inner You!”

You are beauty and happiness...Stop finding it! Discover yourself :) ~ By Kamya ;)

The melting dream “The melting dream ”

Only a second is enough for a memory to melt into a bad dream ~ By Asmita ;)

Alone? “Alone? ”

You are not alone! Even if you are lost in the dark sky there are many planets and stars with you ~ By Asmita ;)

Calm purple evening “Calm purple evening”

Problems get created.. Problems get solved..Time passes and changes everything.. Don't worry..It'll be fine ~ By Asmita ;)

~! Prepare the Way !~ “~! Prepare the Way !~”

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step :)
By ~ AarsHabh NaraYan :)

Paint with us! 2

Abstract and art

Intricate design “Intricate design”

Just pen ~ By Ishita ;)