A Max Dalí Art Gallery

I spent my life collecting art for passion before starting to create my own artworks and representing fellows artist which whom I share the same sensitivity and visions.


Bemtevi Collection by Max Dalí & Kamilla Kulova

This collection is based on a single photography of a typical Brazilian bird elaborated with various shapes, colors and textures with the intention to highlight different aspects inside the relationship between the conservative, rural wisdom based on tangible experiences and common sense, and the always revolving, unstoppable evolution of this modern technological world.

Bemtevi - Delightful Nights “Bemtevi - Delightful Nights”

The ordered routine of night and day, the passing of the season are challenged by the blinking lights of a never sleeping generation, transforming dark night in delightful, vibrating lighted sound shows, that sometimes have a beautiful cover but poor contents.

Bemtevi - Thistle's Flowers “Bemtevi - Thistle's Flowers”

Thistle's Flowers maybe are not so chic, no one will make a bouquet of them to present someone, they are covered of repelling spikes but they are tasty, healthy and nutrients...
A lot of times the beard does not make the philosopher.

Favela Bites by Max Dalí & Kamilla Kulova

This photo based collection has been realized during Max Dalí - Kamilla Kulova 5 years staying in a Brazilian Favela.

Sun shines for everyone “Sun shines for everyone”

The favela where this picture was shot has his feets close to the beach and his head on a little hill, clouds' shadows half cut the community and the effect was highlighted by the use of black and white.

The Invisibles “The Invisibles”

Hidden in a tiny alleyway without sanitation there's life pulsing, they love, cry, hope, struggle...
You don't see them, but they exist.