Mark Andrews

I work mainly in colored pastel. I have been drawing for about 40yrs. Most of my work is with portraits weather it be pet,friend,family. I love drawing wildlife as well big cats, American bison,foxes birds ect. So I hope you like these pictures enjoy


The Irishman

9x11 charcoal on white paper

Irishman “Irishman”

Based on the movie The Irishman done with charcoal

Frankenstein “Frankenstein”

Charcoal drawing of Frankenstein

Beatle puppy “Beatle puppy”

9x11 on toned paper colored pastels

Dori from the hobbit “Dori from the hobbit”

9x11 white paper charcoal

Bassett hound puppy “Bassett hound puppy”

9x11 toned paper colored pastels