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Anara Abzhanova

ANARA ABZHANOVA, born in 1986,Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. Graduated from the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov. Her lyrical acrylic painting breathes peace and tranquility of the light female soul, free from the harsh limitations of the surrounding world, which is especially praised abroad. Today Anara Abzhanova is an internationally recognized landscape painter:
• Golden winner of the international competition, Santiago, Chile, December 2011.
• Gold medal "Golden Eagle" and laureate of Grand Prix, international exhibition, New York, USA, 2011.
• Finalist of the Second International Salon of Fine Arts, Arizona, USA, 2012.
• Special Prize "Applause of the Jury" of the Sixth International Festival of Arts, Central Exhibition Hall "MANEZH", Moscow, Russia, 2012.
• Winner of the International Competition "Best Acrylic Painting", USA, 2013.
• Finalist of the International Art Competition, USA, 2013.
• Gold Medal of the International Contest "Factors of Visual Art", New York, USA, 2014.
• Laureate of the European Biennale of Art, Paris, France, December, 2014

Winter Garden “Winter Garden”

60x80 cm, acryl on canvas, 2011

Mountain Landscape “Mountain Landscape”

50x70 cm, acryl on canvas, 2011

Steppe Landscape “Steppe Landscape”

60x80 cm, acryl on canvas, 2012

Sun Twig “Sun Twig”

60x70 cm, oil on canvas, 2015

Zeinelkhan Mukhamejan

Zeynelkhan Mukhamedjan. Kazakh artist, born in Mongolia, 1959. Graduated from Mongolian Art College, tapestry specialty. Breathing a new life into unique Kazakh embroidery Zeynelkhan has made a desperate attempt to save it against the general awareness of the decay and losses in Kazakh arts and crafts. The impetus from which he started in 1986 his long way to find the own style of expression, gave his wife Gulzhay Khusman. Together they have created a ‘biz keste’, the new art, which is a modern artistic direction on the basis of the ancient Kazakh traditional crochet embroidery. Zeynelhan's artistic approach is characterized both an appeal to the archetypes and metaphors of the past with its ideas of perpetual nomadic and modern search. His embroidered artworks convey emotional atmosphere, philosophy and aesthetics of Kazakhstan, the countries of the Great Steppe, and tell about steppe heroes and legends.

• Winner the "Award of Excellence" UNESCO certificate

Heavenly Groom “Heavenly Groom”

73x70 cm. Crochet embroidery. Fabric, silk & cotton threads. 2017

Muse “Muse”

68x56 cm. 'Bis keste' crochet embroidery; fabric silk thread, 2011

Shaman “Shaman”

63x78 cm. 'Biz keste' crochet embroidery; fabric, silk thread, 2012

Steppe Signs. “Steppe Signs. ”

2014. 'Biz keste' Crochet embroidery
Fabric, silk thread. 180 x 95 cm

Hashim Kurban

HASHIM KURBAN, Uighur painter. Born in 1957, lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Graduated from the Art Institute, Uzbekistan (1981). Representative of naïve art in Kazakhstan. His clear, poetic and formally simple art was born as a result of appeal to the ancient Uighur craft of making puppets from a decorative pumpkin. Due to these colorful pieces in folk style, he has been listed in the Kazakhstan Guinness Book of records. The experience in arts and crafts has helped Kurbanov to develop his own original simple style, characterized by varnished pure, bright paints, the use of wood and decorative gourd. Kurbanov’s style is a mix of primitivism and decorative folklore. His manner shows the influence of the ancient Uighur culture. The artist draws inspiration from the places of historical homeland, where he happened to visit. His paintings convey the pride people feel for their beloved city. The sincerity and warmth are disclosed in scenes of everyday life of Uyghur towns inhabitants. Some idyllic harmony between man and nature dominates in curve small streets and internal courtyards, and the directness and naiveté of the artist’s works reflect his character.
- Honored Artist of Kazakhstan,
- 1st prize winner of the Uighur patrons for the contribution to the Uighur art and culture.

Rhythm of Soul “Rhythm of Soul”

2012. Oil on canvas. 90 x 90cm

To a visit. Gossips “To a visit. Gossips”

2014 Wood, acrylic. 72 x 58 cm

In love “In love”

2006. Oil on canvas, 35,4” x 23,6” (90 x 60 cm)

 Flat Cakes Seller “ Flat Cakes Seller”

2013 Wood, acrylic, lacquer. 64 x 45 cm

Serjan Bashirov

SERJAN BASHIROV, born in 1964, East-Kazakhstan region, lives in Astana, Kazakhstan. The artist-jeweler and small forms sculptor. Graduated from the Almaty Theater and Art Institute, Kazakhstan, 1991. Aims to express spiritual truth in a free style. Being a fan of Hundertwasser, the Austrian architect and painter, he has created his own unique style of ethno-vanguard. Bashirov has combined natural forms of folk art with asymmetrical lines of abstractionism and modern. The jeweler prefers uneven stones and ribbing, not smooth grinding. His favorite compositional method is the combination the contrasting textures of silver, stone, bone, wood, as well as mixing different techniques. Traditional national symbolics, interwoven into fancy shapes of his artworks is surprisingly modern on design. At the same time, national symbols of fire, earth, sun originate in primitive ritual art of the peoples around the world.
• Grand Prix award winner, "Zhiger-99" art jewelers contest, Kazakhstan,1999
• Silver Medal & Second Grand winner, "Jewelry Olympus", the CIS countries jewelers contest, St. Petersburg, 2004
• Three-time winner the UNESCO “Award of Excellence” certificate.

Warrior, pendant “Warrior, pendant”

2005 Silver, mother of pearl, carnelian, turquoise, lapis lazuli. 9 x 15 cm

Hundertwasser, brooch “Hundertwasser, brooch ”

2008. Mixed technics (engraving, soldering, forging).
Silver. 3 x 5 cm

Fish, brooch “Fish, brooch”

Mixed technics ( engraving, soldering, forging).
Silver, turquoise. 3 x 5 cm

Fish, brooch “Fish, brooch”

2013 Mixed technics (forging, stamping).
Silver, turquoise, carnelian. 7 x 10 cm

Orazbek Yessenbayev

ORAZBEK YESSENBAYEV, born in 1960 in Kyzylorda, lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Graphic artist and painter. Graduated from the Almaty Theater and Art Institute (1993). His artistic style is close to the traditional realism. Converting his subconscious images into visual form he uses more imagination than careful planning, works spontaneously, directly on canvas, no sketches. Such spontaneity requires his artist’s skill. In recent years, the painter has turned to the genre of graphics, experimenting with the author technique of ‘ball pen on silk fabric’. Yessenbayev first international recognition. is a thinking artist with a sense of humor and unique ability of observation and accurate depicting of the environment. Exhibiting within the Confederation of unions of the artists of the fifteen CIS countries was his first international recognition, March, 2016

Moonwalk. “Moonwalk.”

2015. Silk, ballpen. 60х79 cm

Shoal. “Shoal.”

2013. Oil on canvas. 60x120 cm

Ladybug. “Ladybug.”

2013. Oil on canvas. 100x90 cm