Maggie Bisset Graham


Splendid Audacity

As a versatile artist working with different media and art forms, I enjoy a challenge and thinking creatively. I love bright and bold colours – you’ll see lots of them in this portfolio.

Three Fruits “Three Fruits”

Caught in a beam of natural light, 'Three Fruits' was executed vigorously in acrylic and is absolutely doused in blindingly bright bold colours.

Love in the Moonlight “Love in the Moonlight”

Love in the Moonlight was painted in oils and depicts the splendid sophistication and intensity of colour of Perfect Love tulips lit up by the glow of a full moon.

Two fruits “Two fruits”

Vigorously executed in textured acrylic pigments using palette knife, Two Fruits is all about making a spectacle of shape and form using bold colour against a subdued background.

Salmon Fishing at Sunset “Salmon Fishing at Sunset”

Salmon Fishing at Sunset depicts a nighttime scene from the Isle of Arran overlooking Holy Isle in Scotland. It was painted in oils and marvels at the beauty and vibrancy of colour in the sky on the landscape after dusk.