Marilyn L. Robinson


Marilyn L. Robinson -M'LOR Creations

Marilyn L. Robinson's a mixed-media, abstract & collage artist. Portfolio consists of contemporary original paintings, fine art photography, and collages on canvas. Most artworks are framed. Larger artworks are gallery wrapped. Mixed-media usually consists of acrylic paint, textured gels, paper, photography, fabric, beads, wire, & trinkets.
Many of the artworks reflect the artists' passion for capturing the beauty and complexity of flora and contemporary cultures that have emerged from African, Caribbean, & New Orleans cultures. The eclectic techniques and vibrant colors utilized in her artworks, dramatize and capture the unique spiritual vibrancy of both nature and culture.

"Mystical Flower Garden" “"Mystical Flower Garden"”

11'h x 14"w Mixed-Media (acrylic paint, textured gels, buttons, wire, beads,) framed, painting on canvas brilliantly depicting a field of sparkling, beautiful, magical botanical flora. Gold frame and ready to hang.

"The Golden Age of Timbuktu" “"The Golden Age of Timbuktu"”

24" h x 48"w Abstract artwork, symbolic representation of an ancient historical city in Northern Africa that flourished as a major, rich, trading and learning cultural center of the Mali Empire in the 14th century.
Mixed-Media (acrylic paint, metal, textured gels) on gallery wrapped canvas.

"Seeking Solace in Butterfly Garden" “"Seeking Solace in Butterfly Garden"”

20" h x 16"w. Mixed-Media (paper, textured gels, acrylic paint, metal, wire, glass beads), Framed Collage on canvas. Ready to hang. This artwork created during the height of the Covid Pandemic. This artwork depicts a woman who has found a way to experience a sense of peace, solace, and relief from the daily deluge of virus victim statistics and political unrest.