Jasper Art Gallery

Jasper Art Gallery

Location: Canada


Spring in the Meadow

This exhibition is a selection of work by local artists from Jasper National Park in Canada. Their work is mainly inspired by the beauty of the national park and is a collection of various artists styles and medium.

crevasse “crevasse”

Crevasse is seen in many places in Jasper National Park. This piece is composed of fabric, embroidery, ribbon, beads, crochet and sequins

The Rose Patch “The Rose Patch”

The Wild Rose is the national flower of Alberta and it grows abundantly in the wild. This piece is fabric, crochet and embroidery

The Red Chairs “The Red Chairs”

The iconic Red Chairs beckon the traveller to relax and enjoy the natural world. This piece is in fabric, crochet, ribbon, embroidery, sequins and beads.