Rob Parsons


Rob Parsons

This portfolio is a collection of artworks created over the last five years.
The style is realism in the main. The artist is a member of the International Guild of Realism.
The works are representative and imaginative paintings in oil, of landscapes and figures.

Refuge “Refuge”

This painting is set in a French café, during a storm. The subject has sort refuge inside the café, with a mug of something warm and comforting.

Wreck of the Cormorant “Wreck of the Cormorant”

This painting is typical of the Brittany coastline. With some imaginative additions.

Fish Supper “Fish Supper”

This painting depicts the preparation of a meal in a typical coastal dwelling. Because it's a fish supper the cat is the first to be served.

Port de Sauzon “Port de Sauzon”

Port de Sauzon is situated on the Island of Bell Islé on Mere, off the south coast of Brittany. It is a pretty coastal town and very French.

Four Swans “Four Swans”

The two elegant figures reminded me of swans, so I put them in an aquatic situation.

Beneath the Bridge “Beneath the Bridge”

The bridge (or viaduct) is situated in the small Yorkshire town of Knaresborough. It is a main feature in the town and there are many interesting buildings

through the impressive arches. The changes in light direction often enhance their appearance.

Med Magic “Med Magic”

A typical French Mediterranean town, on a warm summers day.

Some Sunny Day “Some Sunny Day”

A local scene of a place called Castle Hill, in Yorkshire, England.
The weather is unusually warm, hence the attire of the figure in the foreground.
36 x 24 ins --- Oil on canvas.