Gunny Brørby

Gunny Brørby

Location: Norway

My name is Gunny Brørby .
I am origanally from Oslo but for many years now I have been living in a small town ,Kragerø in the south of Norway a bit outside the citycenter called Skarbo.
I mouved some years ago into an old school to try to make it a place for those who wanted to follow their creative dreams including me.Its based on voluntary work and has a gallery, yogaroom, and ateliers . For those reasons I have not had so much time to reach out with my paintings. Still over the years I have had many exhibitions , selling from online and have some steady buyers .I have gone my own way and painted for many years.
I have trusted my own expression .
The paintings are usually light and hopefully conveys what I love. The joy of nature , animals , hope , possibilies and emotions in the symbolic with nature:)
I mean all people has a cource within, which for many reasons are sleeping . Myself I am often suprised what occur on the canvas,
Some years ago I published a book "Øyeblikket" ( in the moment ) with my poetry and paintings.
Health Professional background
Two years of art school ..not academic
1 year of drawing academy
Creative esthetic line from teaching school
Art spirit Coach from Denmark.
I have many cources in creative painting theraphy and intuitive painting
I teach in intuitive painting and cources related to motivasjonen and inspiration , myself going from sickness to good health.
I teach yoga and for me these things are a wholeness,

You ar welcome to visit my website, gunnybrorby.wordpress,com
fb; Gunny Brørby Kunstner Art spirit Coach
Instagram Gunny Brørby


The natures own story in realation and kinship with us

Nature, the enviroment og lifeconditions for humans and animals is an important factor for me.
The seasons in us and around us likewise.
I wisch that the paintings shall be pleasent to look at and at the same time have message. Thats my hope.I also wright poetry many of my paintings,

Natures own story “Natures own story”

i am always suprised whats occuring on the canvas, But nature and our relation to nature and ourselfs is more or less mye passion .

 The time has come 80x80 cm “ The time has come 80x80 cm”

Tthe has come , maybe we have have to take care of nature, No time to loose. Maybe that occurred on the canvas:)

Innocence 1mx110cm “Innocence 1mx110cm”

once upon the time there where Innocence ,, maybe.

Peace of mind. 1mx110 “Peace of mind. 1mx110”

Acrylic on on canvas, 110x1m

If i could sing a song 1MX80CM... “If i could sing a song 1MX80CM...”

I feel that whats occured in this painting is the elements of life, Sorrow, Joy, wondering, hope , innocence and nature in all of it,

Before is too late. 1mx135cm “Before is too late. 1mx135cm”

In this painting what i wanted to tell and what occured on the canvas is the volnerability and sense of beauty in nature. The butterfly which is symbolic of hope, transformation, strength and beauty and the worrying figures in the right corners

wings of hope “wings of hope ”

Nature is my concern and inspiration;) wings , freedom, light and strong at the same time. where there is birds there is hope