Room & Wall Art

Room & Wall Art

Location: Norway

ROOM & WALL ART - Online Gallery and Store, opened in January 2021. All Wall Arts that are sold by Room & Wall Art are created by Helene Jellestad.

Some of the Wall Arts motifs consisting of pattern design that are constructed by details from random photos / snapshots of everyday situations, people, places and nature - all photos taken by Helene Jellestad. By using snapshots as a starting point for the creative process the wall arts designs get an authentic, undirected and rough feel that in this context is viewed as an aesthetic quality.

Helene Jellestad is educated at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design / KHIB in Norway, and graduated with a master degree in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.



This series of photoart consisting of four different versions of the same visual motif.

The visual motif will be printed in maximum 25 copies of each motif versions. Each copy will be signed and numbered by hand on the pictures backside in addition to attached paper documentation.

The visual motif is printed on an acrylic glass of high quality, with aluminium back and integrated bracket for wall mounting.