Galerie Arnaud

Galerie Arnaud

Location: France

Contemporary art gallery in La Rochelle


Liliane Paumier

Discreet, reserved, Liliane PAUMIER is no less powerful, generous and dynamic when she paints. Moreover, her works captivate juries and amateurs and the group exhibitions and salons that have the savvy to make her a guest of honor, are amazed at the beauty and brilliance of her modern and decisive figurative. , all the more effective and worthy of interest because it is very simple and straightforward.

Liliane PAUMIER paints life itself, whether they are large compositions that will make a living room jury's mouth water or in modest formats. Her bouquets in active and harmonious colors, or the rural, marine and urban motifs acquire a very estimable singularity guided by a large, fluid touch, with surprising and precious suppleness. Indeed, this artist combines skill and a sense of balance with a rigorous perception of healthy, tasty nuances, with original and determined effects.

Its teachers are, Lionel Ouine and Éric Féron. Liliane Paumier then completed her training at the Académie du Nu des Beaux-Arts in Rouen.

She frequently wins 1st prizes in painting competitions, such as the Armada in Rouen, the Saint Lo salon or even Rouen and Magné