David Stewart Klein


One thing that has always tied David Stewart Klein’s work together has been the need to express something strong, volatile, fragile, fleeting. To him that can be the intimacy and vulnerability of a portrait, an argument of a couple, the silence between figures, the strength of a individual standing or fluidly in motion. Klein takes his subjects and amplifies the compositional space with what is being represented, a fragment of his mind and the people that inhabit the world around him. Whether it is in oil, or acrylic paint, sculpture, or drawings done in charcoal, ink or pencil, his works read as intense, thought provoking and beautiful. Klein will use the color pallets necessary to show the mood he seeks to convey, whether in varying vivid colors or in a more limited dynamic range. He aims to capture the essence of his subjects and intends to show his audience his belief that no matter their background, the one thing present in us all is our souls. We all have something to say underneath our silence.


Fine Art Painting

Silver Lining “Silver Lining”

oil and acrylic on canvas
26"x 32"with frame

Suzy of the Dead “Suzy of the Dead”

Oil on Canvas
38"x38" with frame

Elevator Confrontation in Dm “Elevator Confrontation in Dm”

Mixed media on canvas
50" x 50" with frame

Still Beautiful “Still Beautiful”

Oil on Canvas
12" x 15" with frame

Charo “Charo”

Oil on Canvas
42" x 62" with frame

Meditation(Self Portrait) “Meditation(Self Portrait)”

Oil on Canvas
18"x22" with frame

Summer 2020(The Great Myth) “Summer 2020(The Great Myth)”

Mixed Media on canvas
50" x 62" with frame

Horrified in Red “Horrified in Red”

Oil on canvas
18"x 36"

Maria “Maria”

Mixed Media on Canvas
12" x 15" with frame

Freedom “Freedom”

Mixed media on canvas
25.5" x 31.5" with frame

Pained “Pained”

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 26" with frame

Family: of the utmost importance “Family: of the utmost importance”

Mixed media on Linen
10’ x 6’