Let's Curate is a global curator platform empowering independent artisans. Our mission is to showcase unique, handmade high end designs, curated art, crafts, textiles and lifestyle products steeped in tradition and contemporary interpretations, for audiences worldwide.

The platform is currently showcasing 54 artisans from 30 countries. The Founder, Meghana Giridhar envisioned the platform to be a collaborative space after identifying a gap between makers and discerning lovers of everything handmade.
Bringing back the element of dialogue and storytelling to creativity and flow against the wave of mass-produced work is a vital part of Let's Curate.

The world is vast and talent aplenty, however, the odds are stacked against independent creators who believe in taking the time to perfect their art. Let's Curate is the platform that brings to the forefront these much-needed creators through a myriad of avenues to enable long-lasting, creatively fulfilling and in the end sustainable relationships between makers and discerning customers.


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