All of us are from AFRICA by Suliaeva Margarita

Mzungu is a term that was originally used to refer to people of Europe, literally translated (based on this origin) - it is "one who wanders around" or "wanderer." In days, the term "mzungu" is used among the Bantu peoples (Kenya, Tanzania, etc.) to refer to people with white skin, strangers among their own. The series reflects the moment of cultural fusion, namely, the African "flavor" through the prism of the European attitude.
The reflection of the ethnic, African principle in these works can be considered the abstract solution of human figures, which are in the center of attention of each canvas, as well as the special fragmentation and structurelessness of the composition inherent in the primitive painting of African peoples. And the interpretation of volumes reminiscent of the masterpieces of African plastics - statuettes, masks. Despite the special color of African art in general, the color combinations are inspired by European Fauvist artists. In this connection, moderately saturated color, its purity, intensely open blotches of local shades, juxtaposition of contrasting chromatic planes became the main artistic expressions of European culture. The unifying elements of the work can be considered the deliberate spontaneity and dynamism of the drawing, the simplification of the form.

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