Paintings By Rod Heiss by Rod Heiss

"Let paint be paint"
While I was working on a particularly difficult part of a project, a friend stood too close. We kept bumping each other. finally in a moment of frustration, I said: THE BEST WAY IS OUT OF THE WAY." Seeing his face, I quickly apologized. Now this statement has become a running joke. When work is not going well, or is stressful, or if people are just too close and not helpful, I say this line jokingly to whoever is closest.
I repeat this same quote in preparation for painting. The best way is out of the way. This frees my mind and body to plunge in and create. The first step is mixing the colors needed for the piece. I apply the paint, stand back, see when I need to reengage, apply again, then get out of the way. Through experimentation of material and experience, I have tried to "let paint be paint," from texture to blending of colors, to unexpected changes and chemical reaction in the paints. This has produced wonderful results. These paintings that you see are the product of selectively getting out of the way.
"Letting paint be paint" is not just random chances, it is educated and calculated. Knowing when to get out of the way is a skill. A skill I am still learning.

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