‘Life is not a long vacation, but a consistent living process with affection, peace, sorrows and growth’, as someone said. Every man and woman, has a good opportunity for surrendering to love and they can choose a life of their own. There’s no point of asking why people have reserved certain moods like joys or grief, but people should accept whatever comes on their way should carry on. By risking failures, disappointments and disillusionment in the beginning , they may however, triumph at the end of their life.
Sometimes, most things are done out of self- respect and with choice in life. Trust and respect is earned with continuous communication and sometimes they will easily broken too with misunderstanding. After all, we are human beings. Only GOD can judge the things that we do, for what we need to do/to have done. We all experience how hard it is to hold back tears and fake a smile. Jealousy, is one of the most childish and crude feelings in life, that a person should not be exposed to. It's an emotion resulting from the fear that the affection from our partner may, instead, be bestowed upon someone other than one's own self. A man who governs his passions is a master of the world. In the path of your Life, love thy family than anything and everything.
This philosophy of life - feelings, affections, actions, grief and sorrows is the subject matter of Valluri Venkata Swamy, a Senior Artist from Hyderabad, in his series of paintings on ‘LIFE’. The man, the women are the twin characters in his paintings added to flora and fauna, animals and birds besides their relationship. Done in his own stylistic compositions of heads clean shaven, with a primary palette of acrylic colors on canvas, these paintings express various moods.

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