my paintings by Annelies de Jong

My art aims to reflect the intimate connection with Source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening. Fascinating is the contrast between my inner journey: “who am I” and the seductive dream world that I try to create at the same time alongside the everyday theme. Creating imaginary worlds for oneself and others is of unprecedented value.

I get my inspiration from the spiritual journeys that I have made alone through India and Nepal. In these countries I have been to the most beautiful locations and I have had meaningful contact with the population, nature and culture. I have experienced pure harmony in India and Nepal, an intense experience. You could call my work fantastic realism. In my paintings I try to combine the realistic, the fantastic and the loving. Influence on my work are the great artists: Alice Buis, Ellen Lorièn and Johfra. My paintings invite you to wander with your eyes, in a colorful world to undergo a spiritual experience.

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