Red illousions by Lefteris Papazoglou (LEFT)

Let us talk about the body. Why it's always in the central of all??
Writers, artists everybody make focus to the human body. Why ?
Something happening or simply the body is in fashion ???
What puts the body squarely in the centre of debate is not fashion,
but urgency.
The body is being rethought and reconsidered by artists and writers
because it is restructured and reconstituted by scientists and engineers !!!
But let's talk for the theatrical theme, where the masks exist.
The masks are not only to cover the face, but they give another dimension
to the body but also in the whole picture.
With the mask you can keep a distance from the body (theme).
Don't forget that all the indigenous tribes in the whole world they used
masks, so, they could come to contact with their souls but also with the
other "world" !!!
While you think that with the mask you will be focus in the naked body,
contrary you feel disclaims from that.
The MASK is the PRISON. It's the HOUSE where the SOUL lives!!
A soul which is already stuck in a body!!
Don't forget that a particular image is capable to annihilate the entire universe.
That was once written by Louis Aragon.

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