Min's principle of art by Min Zou

First of all, I think the everyone’s art is the embodies of his / her own cultural knowledge and cultural connotation. Everyone speaks on his / her cultural background. Different cultural backgrounds, and different social experience can lead to different ideas, then create different arts. Everyone just exerts his / her knowledge and wisdom as much as possible.

I would like to explore the more deep-seated things by exploring the philosophy of time and space, and see the essence of things through the surface phenomenon of things, then see the develop and future of things. Look upon the world at an extremely broad mind and endless horizons. The same for the art, describe this universe - the sum of space and time with a great spirit and imposing manner, and integrate knowledge, wisdom, and emotions into my paintings.

All knowledge fields (including art) eventually up to reach the level of philosophy. By exploring the viewpoint of time and space, we can see the different philosophical viewpoints during the different periods, and the development of science and technology promotes the formation of philosophical concepts. A history of philosophy is the complex of concepts of different periods. When the art combines with science, the art is of scientific; When the art combines with philosophy, the arts is of philosophical (depth); When the science combines with philosophy, the science is of philosophical.

When art, philosophy and science into one, it goes beyond the science, the philosophy and the art single individual, which makes the art be of scientific and profound (philosophical) with levels and depths, and no longer just explore the phenomenon of surfaces of things. So there must be a certain philosophy of knowledge, a certain artistic heritage, a certain scientific knowledge in the person to deeply understand the combination of art, philosophy and science! This is what I have been exploring and pursuing. I hope my art will be of deep and profound, not just staying in the surface phenomenons of things.

The highest state of art is also a philosophical realm. Philosophy is the highest state of all scientific knowledge. No matter what fields of knowledge, he/she will become a philosopher when he / she reaches the highest state, but the philosophy is also based on the science. Therefore, different periods, different regions, different philosophical concepts. A history of philosophy is the complex of different ideas in different periods. The advancement of science and technology promotes the formation of philosophical concepts.

Of course, to reach the highest state of art, to achieve the level of philosophy, we not only have knowledge and wisdom, but also have a transcend state of mind, the sentiments free from vulgarity, boundless horizons, and broad mind. Not an common person can achieve, not just one day to achieve, she is something inside, she is a kind of spiritual realm, but also must be carefully to comprehended by heart....

Someone asked me: "Does not this exist: the mathematics deductive is beyond or instead of a physical exploration, and people believe it. "Yes, to some extent, this exists. Many physics experiments can not be confirmed in the experiments. This is why Hawking, the world's greatest scientist, did not obtain the Nobel Prize, because his theory can not be proven and disproved! So, some people say that the physics has come to a dead alley, so, many physicists have change their occupations.

The same to the Philosophy. From ancient Greek philosophy to postmodernism, deconstructionism, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Derrida and so on. In 2007, I asked a professor ( University of Cambridge ) if the philosophy went to a dead alley, she replied: "go on, the road there!"

The same to the art. From the ancient art to the modern art, Classicism, Rococo art, Neoclassicism, The romantic, Realism, Impressionism, Post-impressionism, Fauvism, expressionism, Cubism, Abstractionism, Surrealism, Abstract expressionism to Pop art, and so on. So someone said the art comes to a dead alley. Now people just repeat the previous arts without innovation!

All theories are valid within a defined range. Out of this range, not easy to say! Because people's knowledge and understanding is limited! Especially for a scientific theory.

Art also. This is why the art history exists! Different periods , different regions and different cultures, different art!

Of course, the art is different from the science. The science reflects the laws of the objective world with the human reason. The art reflects the world through the human sensibility, including objective and subjective world. For the science, it is more of "discovery", and for art, it is more of "creation." The art is a reflection of the true feelings of human heart.

The artists express and communicate their aesthetic susceptibility and aesthetic ideals by art creativity, the viewers meet their aesthetic needs and obtain the aesthetic feeling by art appreciation. Aestheticism is the perfect play of aesthetics. In addition to aesthetic value, arts have other social functions, such as cognitive function, education function?mold functions, and entertainment function and so on. Among, the social function of art is that people understand the nature?the society?the history and the life through art activities. The educational function of art is that people are nurtured and influenced with the truth?the goodness and the beauty through the art activity, which can lead to the changes of the thoughts?the feelings?the attitudes of life and the values. The entertainment function of Art is that people get the spirit enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic needs.

Science is a kind of social ideology, which is the knowledge system about the nature, the society and the law of thinking development. There is not only objective factors in science, but also the human factors. The nature comes first, then human come, after human exist, then the natural sciences come, so, anyhow the natural sciences are man-made out. There must be some human agreed factors in the human language? the human thinking way? the experiments by people. In science, what factor is the truth factor and what factor is a human construct factor is now a problem in the philosophy of science.

The art itself is a special way that a human takes emotion and imagination as the characteristics to grasp the world, and also is the visual reflection of the real life and the spiritual world of human. With the development of society, the imagination and creativity of human are keeping getting on. The art breaks the boundaries of space-time, enhances people's sentiment, expands people's imagination, stimulates people's thoughts and feelings, and cultivates people's temperament. The art activity is not only an important part of the spirit civilization of a nation, but also an important part of the spiritual life of the individual. Outstanding artworks are the common spiritual wealth of all mankind.

Why Socrates could become a great philosopher, because he said he was ignorant. We have to see our own ignorance,then we can progress. Only after we go-ahead, we can see the meaning of our own existence. Because people are of not only rational, emotional, but also thinking and intelligent.

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