Jasper Art by Jasper

I manifest in my thoughts, dreams, and frustrations as colors and forms. I emphasize traits such as honesty, empathy, and love rather than work praise. Love has been missing from my tale of existence. I was born in a world where men are self-centered, evil, stupid, hard, and untrue. I was not allowed to unfold this change me from loving and happy to angry, frustrated, and anxious. This made me scared of women as a child. Man's purpose in life is craving sex with beautiful women, for many left dreams. This leads to envy and evil intentions, when there is no love.

Through the imagery of fake looks, living masks, cool performances, and being oneself, I want people to become real, tolerant, loving, and bold. The tribal way of life is very similar to a loving way of life, but with love, there will be peace, love, and harmony, and people will feel happy, and I want these things to be placed together in some form. With imagery of tribal people, I encourage freedom, simplicity, tolerance, tranquility, the ability to be oneself, as well as a love revolution. I eradicate evil and fear in order to have more love and sex for the sake of peace, love, and harmony for happy and contented humanity.

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