Lyrical Expressions by Monika Wright

Canadian artist Monika Wright creates expressive abstract paintings that reveal dynamic elements of color nuance, of magical light that glows amidst the darkness, of brushstrokes that are both wild and gentle, conveying movement and mindfulness.

Her lyrical acrylic paintings incorporate vibrant colours and organic shapes emerging from a spontaneous, intuitive style that invites viewers to become engaged with the work, to be an active participant in its creation by using their own imagination to travel through the artwork.

To facilitate this process, her works are often wired to hang both vertically and horizontally. “Turn it around and you’ll see a whole other painting,” she says. “I like the playfulness of this process and the thoughtfulness it can provoke. I hope that you’ll see something different every time you look. I’m encouraging people to open up, let their imaginations flow and experience the art and to make it their own.”

Leaving behind a hectic life in Toronto for Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005, Monika rediscovered her passion for photography and painting. After a tragedy in her own life, she found solace in the creation of her art and was embraced by the vibrant and supportive arts community in Halifax. Making art became both a passion and a vocation. Soon her work was exhibited in galleries and exhibitions and she became a full time artist.

Monika is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and a member of ArtSpa. She has received numerous awards in both Canada and the USA and has been published in magazines, professional journals and books.

Monika’s work is included in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Germany.

Instagram: Monika_Wright_Artist
Phone: 902-229-2048

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