Wooden carving/mixed media by René van der Klooster

The methods and technics that are used in general, in the following steps: linden wood or plywood as the canvas / transference of the design onto the wood or it is directly drawn or painted onto the wood / carving the wood with a knife, chisels or electric tools / finishing it with additional techniques and materials: oil paint, industrial paint, acrylic paint; sand in oil paint carefully arranged; 2d print technique: transferring shades from a plastic sheet onto the wood using heat; 3d print technique: perforated stickers or cloth covered with oil paint, afterwards the sticker or the cloth will be removed leaving a 3d pattern; putty, filler, plaster, coloured plaster; gold leaf, copper leaf; pen, pencil, charcoal, felt pen, ink; inlay (different materials); pour on varnish, a varnish which is 40x thicker than normal varnish.

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