Digital Art Seven by Alessandro Pasetti

Such an exhibition shows almost all of the digital abstract Artworks I started drawing in 2012 when my age was 36. I learnt how to arrange, think, plan, elaborate abstract artworks through normal and common photos applications. My style is unreal, geometric, asymmetrical, pretty simple and sharp, dreamlike. I love and live with my parents who are my life despite my adulthood. I shaped clearer ideas about abstract Art by browsing Matisse, Braque, Gaudi, Cezanne, Kandisky, Picasso, De Chirico, De Pisis artworks. I also love classical music: J s Bach, Tchajkowsky, Chopin, Puccini and Vivaldi are doubtless my favorite authores. I a little know smartphones, laptop, apps, websites, and I a little succeed in handling these technological opportunities being indispensable for anything in the life. I live and was born in Milan city, Italy, in 1975. I am tall (6'2), chubby, with Mediterranean colors: black hair, black eyes, and pink/tanned skin. It is cool the world to be' rich in different policies, thoughts, races, mentalities, let's not match the pluralism. I think bad of groups/countries pretending to command entire continents through violence, racism, mafia, communism, fascism, violent ideas and acts. Lovely greetings from Alessandro, Italy

Portfolio Entries