DIGITAL ART - RUPTURES by Dimi Tabacelea

This collection is the result of my observations about the permanent reality of human relationships, which can become dramatic in most cases if not intervened with in time.

The dramatic situation arises when it is fuelled by a lack of continuity in all that is good and favourable. Thus, collaboration between people collapses or even disappears most of the time when we push things too far.
We are far from ignorant when we insist, don't understand, or pretend not to understand. And even if we are cautious, show that we are not afraid, or actually don't care, we start to overdo it and make a huge, unbridgeable chasm by the decision we make.

But my greatest challenge to this notion of rupture has intensified even more, as I have noticed that a country's internal political ties are also breaking. What is more, the very external links between some countries are breaking, leading to major incidents, irreparable disastrous world conflicts, or "RUPTURES".

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