© 2021 by Gayle Printz
An Original Eight-Time Award Winning Abstract Expressionist Painting For Sale Online Directly From the Modern Art Portfolio of World Master Artist, Gayle Printz
Acrylic on Canvas
40" High by 30" Wide by 1.4" Deep
101 cm by 76 cm by 3.5 cm

“COAST” is an Eight-Time Award Winning 40 by 30-inch Abstract Expressionist Painting by Gayle Printz, a World Master considered “One of the most important Contemporary Artists of our time.” Printz began painting in May 2020. She now has work on Permanent Exhibit in France at Musee de Saint-Frajou and a Modern Art Portfolio in which every painting has earned one or more Juried International Art Awards. Soaring in value, Printz paintings are among the most sought-after Art Investments in the World.

(1) "Coast," “Catching Waterfalls,” “Turtle,” “Scorpion,” “Float (Portrait Mode),” “Float (Landscape Mode),” “Wet,” “Music,” “Duck,” “Green II,” and “Gordons” won Finalist Awards, and “Crocs,” “Galactic,” “Horse,” “Movement,” “Reptilish,” “Crawfish,” “Tooth,” “Dance,” and “Abstract II” won Honorable Mention Awards, in Art Show International Second ABSTRACT Juried International Art Competition for 2021 and were on Exhibit May 1 through May 31 of 2021

(2) “Coast,” “Platinum,” “Diamond” and “Peeps“ won Merit Awards and were on Exhibit in Grey Cube Gallery's Second Juried International PATTERNS Exhibition for July 2021

(3) "Coast," "Avery" and "Jazz” won Honorable Mention Awards in Contemporary Art Room Gallery’s Second International ARTIST'S CHOICE Competition and were on Exhibit the month of August 2021

(4) “Ethereal” won the Award of Merit, and “Coast,” “Twins,” “Wave,” and “Side” won Finalist Awards, in the Gallery Ring September 2021 OPEN Juried International Competition. They were on Exhibit October 2 through October 31 of 2021

(5) “Shapely” was selected as the Honorable Mention and, with "Coast," "Intrigue," "Metallic," "Music" and "Twins," won the HelvertArt Gallery November 2021 OPEN Competition and were on Exhibit November of 2021

(6) “Coast," "Imprisoned," "Avery," "Music," "Wave," "Seesaw," "Jack," and "Pond" are were Contemporary Art Curator Magazine February 21 through July 21 of 2022 as part of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT INVITATIONAL EXHIBITION

(7) "Coast," "Autumn," "Azure," "Avery," "Bride," "Brush," "Imprisoned," "Jack," "Jazz," "Marble," "Music," "Pond," "Second," "Seesaw," and “Shapely" were in the EXHIBIZONE SIXTH INTERNATIONAL SoloS SOLO EXHIBITION, SPRING 2022, held from June 30 through July 30 of 2022

(8) "Coast" and "Ascend" won Finalist Awards, and "Giraffe" won the Honorable Mention Award, in Art Show International Gallery’s 6th ABSTRACT international juried art competition. They were on Exhibit July 15 through August 15 of 2022

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