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I am definitively fond of :
- greek art and its way of looking at the human body through its sculptures (school of Praxitèle). "When one has little thing to say, one speaks without stop. Silence weighs only to those which do not think "
- italian renaissance for its construction, for glances, draped, for its unconcealed colors, for the thinness of the paste, the matity, the brightness, the woman, etc... (Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, etc…)
- Vermeer for the so particular light of his paintings
- post-impressionists like Vuillard and Bonnard for example. (Bonnard: "alive, spouting out and symbolic system with force of innocence")
- russian constructivists of the twenties, because the color has a dominating place in the reflexion of these painters... and also because I am an architect
- abstract expressionnism, in particular Rothko: "paintings like dramas"
- abstract art for its pure freedom (in particular Hartung and Fautr

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