THREE CULTURES by Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo

My proposal adds to the buried memories of our pre-Hispanic cultures and the colonial walls that raised over them, the new walls of popular culture, symbols of the ephemeral and the disposable, in which the ads, shows and public figures are imposed over our city walls as well as upon our historical memory, makes me think, (in the same way that I hope you will meditate on this matter), on how the pre-Hispanic pottery was a product of the earth and every vessel, pot, jar or censer, was not only an object of daily use, but also a sacred object with which both rulers and priests were buried, as well as the people of the villages, because ceramic pots were the container of life, cocoa, corn, chicha, and so many other foods now forgotten but that have been rising from the denied cultures, consistently erased from the face of this planet by the Western Culture.

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