Anna Masiul-Gozdecka Paintings by Anna Masiul Gozdecka

Anna Masiul-Gozdecka is a painter with two poles, two different worlds.
On the one hand, subtle realism, insightful portrait, search for the relationship of light, shadow, emotions and feelings, on the other hand look for abstraction, color explosion or ascetic of white and black in space. This polarity makes her work incredibly vivid and diverse, responsive and unpredictable. Asking constantly to ask "What's new, wonderful can happen today?"
Abstract painting is like discovering the inner cosmos, unnamed, untouchable, elusive. It is like solving an equation with an infinite number of unknowns. However, he possesses this mystical moment when everything seems to be arranged, fit and in harmony with each other. Further questions arise: what else is meant by abstract painting? In what direction can the meaning of this concept evolve? How can he change me? What can wake up in me? To which feelings and thoughts to provoke? What invisible I will be able to see in it? So it is safe to say that abstract art is an art that provokes questions, searches and discoveries. That is why paintings by Anna Masiul-Gozdecka are so diverse, diverse and inquisitive.

Realistic painting does not have to reflect reality, it searches for other layers, other meanings, questions, and looks. Light, shadow, man, objects - like the same every day, but every moment has so many different shades, levels on which we capture and interpret reality. We communicate with each other at a more subtle level, impossible to verbalize. Sometimes it is something that we can see in the eyes of a portrayed person and feel in a situation that is presented. We sense this other reality and look for interpretation in itself.

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