Will Kellermann The artist of the Romantic Adventurism. by Will Kellermann

Will Kellermann has been active as a professional artist for over 30 years. Her work is singled out from others by its adventurous style and techniques; having mastered the many techniques, she can use the materials in different ways to reflect her vision. Her work tells romantic tales. Well known are her 'silkcolors©', flowing paintings on silk in which the play of light adds an extra dimension. In her oils, water-colours and pastels, she also demonstrates her strength in her use of colour, never hard or cool, but rather vivid and full of warmth. Connoisseurs and critics often compare her work with the great impressionists of the past, particularly her landscapes in oil and her arresting life pastels.Will Kellermann senses forms and colours as joie de vivre and knows how to convey this in the way she paints. A painting by Will Kellermann brings joy to your heart and soothes the soul. This is why her paintings will grow on you: they are the gateway to a romantic adventure taking the viewer to a world of beautiful dreams. Kellermann paintings hang everywhere from New York to Amman, from Edinburgh to Zürich. To know more about her Romantic Adventurisme, visit the website: www.willkellermann.com.

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