Carton by Son Nguyen

In the process of working, I seek to perfect my thinking in creating art works. With 2 basic criteria is to achieve aesthetic value and towards unique novelty, through shaping methods and materials applied from the life around them. After 8 years of working full-time with painting, in addition to familiar materials such as oil paints, watercolors, pastels and acrylics, I also use materials to create textures for surfaces such as circuit boards, wool, etc. covers, pins, glasses, epoxy glue, plastic, play dough... my painting journey is an experience of discovering my inner self through the use of materials as a medium to convey emotions. For me, every topic that happens in current life, or the feelings about culture, technology, politics... interacting with human society give me thoughts to compose. Like the war going on in Ukraine, interactions affect climate change, environmental pollution, natural disasters, epidemics, or stories about culture, history, philosophy, about life's conceptions of people. each in the debate with friends. Even though ideas can arise from observing and taking care of my children, they can help me change the way that work can start from the unconscious or not impose on myself any subject at the moment. embark on a specific work of art.

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