Join the Dots by Carmen Gloria Machuca

Art show of 12 recent paintings.
This is the result of painting confronted as a “live” exercise – occurring on a surface, without complications nor influencing concepts, without a tale to illustrate nor a story. This show is freer and at the same time more challenging in its process. Each piece or module is in itself a starting point for an occurrence which will propagate itself in a chain.
In “Join the Dots” something happens within each module; we look at it time and time again attempting to discover what it is that occurs there. We find dots and lines joined, with their occurrence in each module, to the total proposal, to the concept that gives form to this exhibit, the joining of the dots.

Join the Dots recalls the entertainment of pen and paper which gives us the illusion of discovering a figure by joining the numbered dots, that game which final purpose is to reveal the predetermined “hidden” figure.
Dots are joined by drawing lines until making the shape “visible”, until “recognizing” it. In Join the Dots there is some of that “magic”, which, added to the complicity of the spectator’s eye, waits to be revealed; there is a starting point and an ending point, however, along the way between both, something occurs.
What is it? Join The Dots.
Carmen Gloria Machuca.

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