Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal by 11HellHeaven

Marco Guglielmi is visual artist and performer, videomaker and sound designer. He was born in 1967 in Rome, where he still works and lives.
He has over thirty-five years of experience in the field of the experimental research on sounds. Marco starts working in digital/analogue editing and recording in the middle of the 80's, being a pioneer in Italy.
At the beginning of the new millenium Marco focuses on video productions for bands and dj's and for art exhibitions, theatre and dance.
Finally in the last decade Marco concentrates on performative and visual arts, creating sculptures and installations of 'arte informale' marked by the confluence of all media and by a strong experimental attitude. He has now a leading role in the italian avant-garde scene. As ReImmortal, Marco is solely dedicated to his performative projects under 11HellHeaven, the Association he founded with Omari Tessala Marax in order to promote and produce "borderline Arts and Cultures". He concentrates on what he considers the two main projects in his artistic career: "SonicMandala" and "Compuster".

SonicMandala is an alchemical approach to sound stimulating the vision through resonance by esaphonics: a technique developed by Marco in 2013 to create a sonic bubble inside which the vision is generated.
Phase I of "SonicMandala" was performed for the first time in Rome in 2013 at the Contemporary Dance Center Duncan 3.0. Then in 2014 Phase II comes in a double location: Duncan 3.0 and Spazio Interiore as a part of a double conference-debate with the participation of the Tibetologist Filippo Lunardi from 'La Sapienza' in Rome. Phase III is performed in 2016 at Centro Danza Balletto di Roma on the occasion of the World Dance Day under the Patronage of CID (Conseil International de la Danse) - UNESCO in Paris.
On February 2017, in Sala Santa Rita (former Santa Rita Church at Teatro Marcello) the entire cycle (Phase I, II, III) receives the Patronage of the City of Rome. Under the same Patronage, SonicMandala will be performed in The Factory of MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Arts in Rome) on June 2-3.

In 2017 Marco creates "comPUSter", a "Creature" (not merely a sculpture, being made with parts of animals under resin) in a set of six works based on informal art/minimal art. Each object and each single detail is either a piece of proto-industrial antiques or hand-made by the artist himself. The deep integration between ready-made and videoart, between mechanical and biological elements (such as animal carcases under resin), the focus on conceptuality and the multisensorial dimension makes the originality and uniqueness of this artwork.
"De-ComPUSter" (the first one) was shown on February 2017 at Fondamenta, within the prestigious international magazine 'Inside Art'. It was projected on maxi-screen at Figueres, the home town of Dali in Spain, for "Spoleto Arte meets Dali" and in Arles, France, for "Spoleto Arte meets Van Gogh". Moreover, it was projected during Basel Art Week 2017 as part of Artbox Project at "Luminator" (Jean Tinguely) Platform inside the EuroAirport.
The exhibition of the full set is planned on June 2-3 in the Factory of MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art) under the Patronage of the City of Rome. "De-ComPuster" and "Calcoli improbabili" (the second ComPUSter) will then be in Venice with Spoleto Arte at Pro Biennale 2017 in the cloister of the Church of San Francesco delle Vigne from 08 May to 17 June. After the two artworks will fly to Berlin, where they will attend the exhibition "Still Leben" by InArte Werkkunst from 23 June to 15 July, and then again in Venice for Biennale 2017 with the dutch 'GaleriaZero' at Zattere - Fondazione Emilio Vedova from 16 to 20 July.
ComPUSter will also be part of the XI Biennial of Florence at the Fortezza da Basso, and included in the Official Catalogue of the Biennale.
In December, the first Personale of Marco Guglielmi is planned in the Berliner exhibition space of 'InArte Werkkunst', concomitantly with the release of the first Official Catalog of his works.

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