Brutalist Society: The Promise of Glass by Callie Hirsch

Inspired by the glass architecture that has been invading big cities, Callie has created a series of paintings of abstract glass buildings that flirt with
illusions of transparency and reflection. Glass walls and windows of this Brutalist architecture deflect light, maintaining the mystery of what lies
behind them. Geometric shapes and muted colors imitate the soulless feelings provoked by the facades of structures that appear empty and devoid
of life. As this series evolves, vibrant colors begin to crack open the façade and morph into new reflections on hope and transcendence.

Glass buildings convey implicit and explicit meanings to passers-by and facilitate ways of seeing and being seen. They are simultaneously reflective,
illusory and amorphous leaving it up to the viewer to interpret what’s transpiring. Callie's paintings confront a distorted reality and
create a blurred sense of how to transcend chaos.

What is the promise of glass?

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