Natalya B. Parris's ARTWORKS - PAINTINGS by Natalya B. Parris

Very often when viewers see my paintings they ask, “How did you do it?” But, I always let them guess because one of the purposes of my work is to encourage people to exercise their imagination, fantasy and ingenuity. When I create my “free spirit - nonfigurative art,” I feel completely free like a flying bird. There is no taboo of what colors I can choose or combine, or what technique to use. I apply whatever seems right at the moment or whatever new ideas are coming up in the moment of inspiration. I express myself and give my view of the world through color, color combinations and shapes. After I have finished painting my artworks, they have a life of their own. During the process of drying, acrylic colors may mix together or dry at different times. These factors sometimes create a picture slightly different than what I originally planned. This is why every piece of my artwork is unique, and even I, who know a lot of tricks, secrets of the colors and acrylic paints, cannot create exact duplicates of my paintings, even if I use the same colors. They are inimitable, but they are all united by the fact that they all came from my heart, love and soul. I developed a unique artistic style - “Emotional Counterpoints in Paint – Dots Art” where perfectly round dots are overlaid onto sections of a previously-painted picture and create a melody of my heart on the canvas. Sometimes the emotions are so powerful that the dots (like music notes interact with the rhythm of the melody) create emotional counterpoints - piled on one another- and create a three-dimensional painting. My floral compositions are expressions of my connection with Nature; its beauty and its nurturing and healing effect on the soul.
“Gravitation” is the first painting where I combined “free spirit - nonfigurative art” and “Emotional Counterpoints in Paint – Dots Art” technique in one painting. Up to this point, it is one of my most challenging artworks. It has deep connection to my scientific, engineering background.

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