Save Our Spirit by Anna Jast

Photography is about capturing the Moment and showing the Magic of the World. New York City is a magical place and it changes constantly. Iā€™m an architect and I love the energy of this City ā€“ it drives me and inspires me every day. My photos are mostly emotional, with a very esthetic component.

In March 2020 I started my photography project S.O.S ā€“ Save our Spirit on Instagram, with the message that while the Virus is strong, our Spirit is stronger. It was a visual diary of the Pandemic where I matched the news of the day with a relevant photo, mostly in a symbolic way.

When New York City became the Epicenter of the Pandemic, life suddenly disappeared. I was out every day documenting this surreal situation. It gave me very mixed emotions ā€“ I felt happy and sad at the same time. The City of Silence was beautiful from the artistic point of view, but it was painful to see my favorite city so empty and deserted. The Hope is that while the Virus is strong, our New York Spirit is stronger.

Portfolio Entries