ECHOES by Teresa Flowers

ECHOES is a three-dimensional, large-scale body of work utilizing my photographs and drawings into a transparent, illuminated, experiential installation. ECHOES explores the soul’s path through different dimensions of time. I take transparent color photographs and interweave them with my illustrations of patterns and figures layered between large pieces of glass that are then lit up to transmit a mystical illumination. It is my desire to ignite and expand the viewer’s concept of his a her own spiritual journey.
Ever since I was a little girl, drawing was really the only thing I was ever sure of. I was traditionally trained in drawing as a child and didn’t pick up a camera until high school. I wanted to paint and draw from the photographs I was taking. I used photography as a way to document my mother's fight with AIDS, which was kept from our community due to discrimination and harassment. Naturally, I used photography as a way to communicate my internal struggle with her illness. I quickly realized it was a tool for self-expression and I enjoyed the process of photography immensely. I loved drawing and taking pictures equally and found it difficult to dedicate time to just one medium. Over time it evolved into becoming one. For me, the marriage was bliss. I started drawing on antique photos and drawing my girls on Polaroids as they were developing which eventually led to this series.

I grew up in a conservative Mormon community in Salt Lake City, Utah. My mother who was a new-age hypnotherapist taught me to think outside of the box. I learned to develop my own religious and philosophical beliefs that inspire my artwork. I remember my mother once telling me that if I went into a dark room, poked holes into a box and placed a light in the center of it, all the light shining through onto the walls could represent all of the different lives that we could be living simultaneously. This idea inspired me to question and explore the thought of time being non-linear.

There is an impression in my artwork that evokes questions of what life, death and the soul mean in time and space. I invite you to come on this exploration with me through ECHOES.

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