Herrin der Stürme by Susanne Macke-Bolivar

Susanne Macke-Bolivar was born in Essen-Werden in 1959, lives and works as a visual artist near Düsseldorf. She has completed artistic studies on classical oil painting in Essen. Travels to paint through Colombia and Brazil are often reflected in her powerful colors work. She has painted uninterruptedly since her daughter s birth and has dealt with environmental themes over the last 20 years, in addition to classic nude. So the Dance of volcano in 2000 were inspired by environmental catastrophes, volcanic eruptions, extreme storms, and becoming more and more important subjects. The last dance on ice is also significant: it calls with concern the fusion of poles and the rise of environmental disasters in Europe. At 2008 New York's Art Expo, the artist also introduced the picture Hurricane Kathrina, a pictorial nude with the original hurricane, representing the devastation of storms all over the world, including in Germany. The painting Do not know what you're doing made in 2017, shows political opponents who are fiercely deceived and blinded by their growth policy at all costs. This is money, economic recovery, rearmament. The artist prefers the abstract or dissolving object, not only she speaks of shapes but also colors in their purity. The artist demonstrates a strong preference for large and dynamic images.

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